Working Girl

I got a J.O.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant believe how fast I got hired, I thought it would take for ever but I applied to all the job listings I found on Gaijinpot.com , I even applied for jobs in Osaka which is about 30 mins. away by densha (metro train), and actually the company that hired me is based in Osaka but coincidentally they needed a teacher in Kyoto so now I'm working on Kawaramachi street teaching to the cutest 6 and 5 year old kids ever.

In Japan, usually , the hiring process is basically a screening process, so you go to a first meeting and then if they like you they will call you back in for a second meeting and if they decide to hire you , you would meet again for a third time to sign contracts and all that formal stuff.

If you are interested in working in japan , most of the job offerings are for English teachers , all jobs have different requirements but they all require you to have a working visa in order to hire you, if you don't have a Japanese working visa but you do have a degree in education and are highly qualified you could find the kind of job offer that would handle changing your visa status, companies like RCS or government organisations like JET , you can check the different job offers at gaijinpot.com and compare the different requirements.

I'm a happy little gaijin right now, yeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mata ne!


M.KATE said...

congrats on the job. I read one of your older posting.May i know what is the difference between geisha and maiko, i am so fascinated with the geishas :)

Dominik Anita said...

Thanks Kate

Well, the diference is quite simple, Maiko are training to become geishas one day, they are usually in their teens, just because they are training to become geishas doesnt mean they will become one some day, a lot of maikos drop out because the training can be very demanding, but the ones that make the choice to continue after their initial training is over become full fledged geishas, their kimonos will now be less colorfull, their hairstyle wil lbe different, the color of their neckline will now be white as opposed to red, among other things, you can read all about geishas on this website http://www.immortalgeisha.com/faq_geisha.php#faq11

Alex Case said...


I'd also recommend gaijinpot.

One little quibble- JET is a government organisation rather than a company.

Dominik Anita said...

Tnx Alex, I fixed the post. :)