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I'm obsessing about learning Japanese ASAP, so I spent the entire morning looking for the fastest kind of classes available: FREE ONLINE LESSONS and any sort of Japanese aid that will help me study on my own , this is what I found:

The Sushi Test
I love this site, after you sign up as a member, you go through a tutorial on how to answer the quiz questions and at the end you can see you big empty tray, after that you can start taking the real sushi test, depending on your score you will get a different sushi at the end, so the more times you take the test the fuller your tray will get, I loved taking this test, I'm definitely using it regularly.


Membership is required, but since its free it's all good. This website has the most comprehensive grammar and vocabulary lessons I've seen online so far.


Free online lessons and interactive flash cards, great for studying at home. I didn't have to register to use the flash cards .


Japanese Romaji Quizzes:

This page has romaji vocabulary matching quizzes to test your knowledge its also a great way to learn new Japanese words:

Nihon Mura

This website has no lessons but it does have some kana, kanji, verb form and numbers quizzes which are great practice. Using it was a bit confusing at first , just select from the top menu which kind of test you want and once you are on the new page select one of the options on the left hand side menu.

Japanese Test
Free online Japanese grammar test , you can fill in the blanks in romaji or hiragana.


This website has a lot of good tests but..... you have to be able to read kanji on most of them so its a bit more advanced, but it's still a great resource:


Genki Japan

Games and interactive vocabulary lessons, this site makes learning fun, I think the games are kawaii but you learn them pretty fast.


Kanji Practice
Kanji practice website:http://www.dartmouth.edu/~kanji/
katakana, hiragana, kanji tutor:

Teach Yourself Japanese

This website has an outlined plan for learning the basics, it was last updated on 2004 but the lessons are still good.


This website covers the basics for studying Japanese at home , it has quizzes to help you out.


Hope you like the links

Jya ne!

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