Sakura Season

Visiting Kyoto in April is one of the best trips you will ever have. For approximately 2 weeks a year the city's Sakura trees are in full blossom and it is beautiful, the weather is not too cold and there are spring festivals and night illumination shows.

Japanese people enjoy Sakura Blossom season very much, so information about where you can see sakura blossoms is everywhere , specially in the subway stations where there a tons of fliers and brochures for visitors to take free, there are also these posters that have the local sight seeing maps for each station but these posters indicate at which stage the sakura blossoms on each sight is at the moment so you can better choose where you wish to go. Here is a picture of one of these posters I found in the Keihan Shijo subway station:
The poster is updated regularly since the stages are represented by stickers they paste over on the places where you can see sakura blossoms, this is a close up picture of the stickers they use to update the posters:

Only 2 weeks a year seems like such a short time but if sakura trees blossomed year around I think people would take their beauty for granted, so it is now time to spend most of the day outside walking around and taking tons of pictures and I intend to do just that.

Jya ne!

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Evelyn said...

wow!! this is so nice! it's like snowing! hmm...it's so nice of you to share your pictures in your blog. Many beautiful pictures! =)