J-Pop top 20

These are the top 20 songs on the radio in Japan right now:

  1. Step and go by Arashi.
  2. Taiyou no namida by NEWS.
  3. Wahhahha by kanjani8.
  4. Soba ni iru ne by Thelma Aoyama feat. Soulja.
  5. Pure / You're my sunshine by EXILE.
  6. 60s 70s 80s by Namie Amuro.
  7. Sonomama/White Message by SMAP.
  8. Umiyuki by Jero.
  9. Namidairo by YUI.
  10. Home by Shimizu Shota.
  11. Zuttou issho sa by Tatsuo Yamashita.
  12. Futari by Aiko.
  13. Heart Station / Stay Gold by Utada Hikaru.
  14. Waremokou by Masato Sugimoto.
  15. Genkai Senka by Kiyoshi Hikawa.
  16. Kimi station by ORANGE RANGE.
  17. 幸せはすぐそこに… by Yoshimi Tendo.
  18. Mata ne by Dreams Come True.
  19. Canvas by Ken Hirai.
  20. Home by Yusaku Kiyama.
You can listen to the songs on this player, press the big play button sit back and enjoy!

(it might not show on some browsers at first so hover around under this paragraph and click , that should activate the flash player but do let me know if you cant use the music player)

Jya ne!

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