Bike accident

I went out to explore and get lost in Fushimi, known for its water springs used to make some of the best sake in japan and in some temples said to cure illnesses.

I visited 2 of the 11 springs and drank a lot of water, the taste of pure mineral water can not be compared to any bottled water. Anyways, I was riding my bike downhill , the sun was shining, the birds were singing , the cool breeze on my face and then I hit the curb and flew out of my bike only to land face first in to a big ugly concrete wall. I busted my face, my left hand and my right leg, it was pretty bad, my bike got busted too. A man was kind enough to help me get up. I had to leave the bike behind and go to the hospital, they took a cat scan and x-rays and thank god, nothing was broken just really badly bruised up and scratched, so Ill live .

On the way back home from the hospital I realized that things could have had gone really really bad, I am very lucky to not have any fractures or serious head trauma. Did drinking all that water at the temple protect me from a worse fate? I don't know , but tomorrow I'm going back, bruises and all , I will visit the 11 springs and get my bike back.
Jya ne

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occhidaorientale said...

...I am very sorry for your bike accident :(
I hope you will recover very quickly!

Take care :)