Greener than Green

Today I went back to Kaburen-jo theater and got me 2 tickets for Kyo Odori wich will be this next Saturday but........., today more then ever I felt the need to get my butt in gear and start studying Japanese like crazy, as I was selecting the seats I wanted for my tickets I had so many questions I wanted to ask the ticket lady about why the seats in the center rows are not for sale and where is the best view and at what time to arrive and why, etc but all I could manage to do was to pay for the tickets and point to the things I wanted, she was very nice to me and we understood each other as much as possible but this a big kick in the you know where for me.

If you are studying Japanese language right now, study hard, study like crazy, study until you fall asleep on top of your books then wake up and study some more, life in japan is very interesting but you miss out on a lot of cool things if you cant read kanji or speak at a conversation level.


Jya ne


Anonymous said...

Hi, I do really understand what you feel about studying japanese.
I am japanese and i have been studing English since i was in the high school .But i can't speak English very well. Hang it there! you can do it well soon^-^

Dominik Anita said...