Taikobikusu (タイコビクス)

Yesterday afternoon, while I was washing the dishes and watching TV at the same time, they aired an interview about the new exercise trend in Japan, its called Taikobikusu, as soon as they started talking about this new trend I put the dishes down to watch the full interview because I was soooo curious about this new trend. What is this Taikobikusu about?

The name for the new trend is formed from 2 words, the first being Taiko (Japanese traditional drum) and the second one is Aerobics, mix those 2 words in Katakana and we got:" Taikobikusu (タイコビクス)"

When playing Taiko drums you usually have your arms extended to the front and while banging the drum , the Taiko players usually incorporate a choreography to their movements, making any Taiko performance a must see.

I can easily see how this would incorporate into a great arm workout that is not the usual weight lifting ho -hum routine. If you've never seen a Taiko performance check this one out to get an idea of what I'm talking about:

After seeing the piece they aired on TV I started looking for more info on the web but Taikobikusu is so new that the information available is only in Japanese and on very few sites like this one: Yahoo beauty

The only place where you can get Taikobikusu is in Japan at the moment, but who knows how far this trend might travel. The creators of this new trend are Taiko Lab, they are located in Kyoto and Osaka, you can visit their official website at : Taiko Lab

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