J-pop Top 10

OK , for all the jpop fans out there, here are the top 10 J-pop songs playing on the radio at the moment, you can listen to them on the link to my player list I placed under the top 10 list and I also placed links to the songs lyrics if you want to sing along just click on the song's name.


1- Sono mama by SMAP.
2- Kimi station by Orange Range.
3- Taiyou no Namida by News.
4- Soba ni Irune by Thelma Aoyama feat. SoulJa.
5- Umiyuki - Jero.
6- Pure by Exile.
7- Te wo Tsunagou by Ayaka.
8- Home by Shimizu Shota.
9- Close to you by Tohoshinki.
10- Tabidachi - Greeeen.

Listen to the songs on my online player (FREE)


marshmallow :] said...

thx ;)

Anonymous said...

where can i download the song?