Hina Matsuri and Marrige Requirements

Today was Hina Matsuri , I don't have enough money to buy the really cool hina sets that every one displays in theyr homes, they are quite expensive, some cost more than 1,000 dollars, but they are so pretty they are worth every penny.

This is a picture of a typical hina set:

Someday Ill have a daughter and enough cash to get one of these sets but today is not that day so I made my own litle binbo hina sama display, because I refuse to let the day pass and not have something that commemorates this special day. Here is my picture, I used a cute little doll I bought at a Jinja in Nara and I made a little origami flower , I used a manju box as the base :

Other than that, I went down to city hall today to get the information needed in order to get married to a foreigner in japan, basically they told me all I need is my passport and my certificate stating that I am single in my country , legalized and translated by my country's embassy and that is it, my boyfriend has to fill out a form and also get papers stating which district he is from, after we get all those papers put together and deposit them in city hall then it takes from 1 hour to 3 days to get it approved and then we will be married.

After all that is done I then have to go to immigration office in Kyoto to see what happens after you marry in Japan, Ill keep you guys posted.

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