Getting used to daily life

The hardest part of moving to a new country is adapting to a completly new culture.
Everyday I learn something new , things to avoid upsetting other people, how to cut sushi, how to recycle, etc

Its very important for me to fit in and be like everybody else, even though I am a foreigner, so Im learning how to cook japanese dishes and how to combine them.

The tipical japanese dinner is composed of :

1 main dish (mostly meat)
1 side dish (mostly rice)
1 soup (can be miso , wakame or vegetable)
2 okazu (mostly made from vegetables)
1 tsukemono(pickled veggies)
1 pot of tea (oolong or green)

after that , if you still have room left in in your tumy, you can have dessert wich can be mochi, manju, uiro, jelly or a more american option like cheescake or fruit.

Yesterday I made my first tamagoyaki, it was pretty good, but the flavors really settle in once the tamagoyaki is cold, dont eat it while its still warm. Here's the recipe:


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