Lost in Gion

If there was ever a place in Japan where I wouldn't mind getting lost in, Gion would definitely be it, and that is exactly what happened to me.

Walking along one of Gion's many narrow streets , I ended up at a very peculiar Jinja. Usually, when you visit Jinjas in Japan you will see little wooden boards with people's wishes written on their back side, these boards are called Ema but in the Jinja I came across, the Ema were made of cloth in the shape of cute little dolls. They had people's wishes written on them as usual but i cant imagine these cuties being burned by the monks, which is what usually happens to Emas.

I was lucky enough to come across 2 young Maiko girls who also came to the little jinja in Gion and also took a look at the cute Emas. This was the first time Ive ever seen a real life Maiko, I think I held my breath the whole time they were there.

Jya ne!

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Hugh said...

haha - i know place