Osaka Sumo Tournaments

The Osaka Sumo Tournament began yesterday and will be held at the Osaka Prefecture Gymnasium until March 23rd, You can see the wrestlers information and rank on this web page , when you click on their names you can see their stat page with their pics, I think sumo wrestlers look soooo cute on their pics, but they are really tough guys though.

On yesterdays tournament there were excellent matches, very good wrestlers and then there was Ama (Davaanyam Byambadorj) who jumped over his opponent when he mistakenly started wrestling on his own, later he was easily defeated seen how he fell over almost all on his own; it was an extremely easy victory for his opponent, I don't think he was too happy about that, what was going through his mind on that match? I couldn't believe how bad it was.

I'm dying to go to Osaka since its only 30 Min's away, but tickets are really hard to get since people here love sumo and usually buy tickets in advance. Prices range from 3,000 yen to 36,000 yen (roughly from 30 dollars to 360 dollars)

So I leave you today with a video showcasing Asashoryu , he is known for saying foul things to reporters off cameras and for being one of the bests (if not THE best) sumo wrestlers at the moment.

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