When I first got here I thought that blogging about my everyday life in japan would be the best way to keep in touch with my friends and also to share my experience with people interested in Japan, little did I know I would not have internet connection for almost 2 months, Yikes!

I arrived at Narita airport Christmas day 2007 to meet my boyfriend, move in together and live happilly ever after.

The moving in part was ok but for the first month and a half I pretty much had no way of beeing able to post daily and upload all my images, so, I apologize for the long wait and shall now promise to make it up to you guys by posting daily until the day I die or something like that.

Why did it take so long to set up the internet service?

Good question!!!,
it just so happens that my dear boyfriend rented a Mansion (japanese for 3 room appartment) for us to live in, but the building admistration has already made a deal with a specific internet provider therefore people residing in this mansion can only get the service from them and eventhough the previous tennants used that same internet company the installation waiting time is of about a month, hence the long wait, but we are actualy lucky since some other internet roviders take about 3 months to give you internet service, at least that is the situation here in little ol Fushimi, in Kyoto.

The good part is I now live in Kyoto so I can post about some really cool places.

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