When I was still living in my country , me and my friends would allways watch doramas and anime series or japanese movies, anything japanese we could get our hands on, but never did I hear anything about Anpanman, so when I arrived here and found a lot of kids wearing t-shirts and backpacks and dolls, blankets, etc... All these things had a funny little guys face on it, so I asked who was that character, it was Anpanman.

Eventhough Anpanman first came out in 1968 he is still very popular , kids love him , so I turned once again to Youtube.com to see some episodes, now Im in love with Anpanman too.

I think its really cute how all the caracters are named after different types of japanese food and also how he saves people from hunger by taking off one of his cheeks (they are made of anpan), overall the series promotes healthy eating , reminds me of popeye.

You can see 15 episodes of Anpanman in Youtube.com by visiting this link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=SHPWOoxVRSQ

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Legend Toys said...

Thanks, I Love anpanman