Jero - The Enka Singer

The first time I saw Jero on TV I though he was going to sing hip hop, judging by the way he was dressed, I was really surprised when he started singing Enka.

Jero was born in the U.S. and actually graduated from the University of Pittsburg as a Computer Engineer. His grandmother was japanese and exposed him to enka music at an early age, so he grew up liking traditional japanese music.

Jero came to japan and participated in a tv karaoke contest show where he was scouted by JVC music, he has then been in japan for the last 2 years taking vocal trainning and will release his first cd at the end of this month, Im definetly looking forward to hearing all his songs, I think he's style can only be described as Pop Enka , I think that enka music will be exposed to a whole new kind of audience thanks to him, but dont take it from me , you can judge for yourself, here is Jero's debut video :

Jero's Blog (in japanese, the dude speaks fluently y'all)

Jero's Website

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