Tarento of the week

This weeks featured tarento is , my personal favorite, Oguri Shun!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has been acting in J-doramas since 1995, he has done 38 so far and he has also stared in 18 J-movies. He usually plays the misterious sexy guy but on his most recent dorama "Binbo Danshi" (currently airing on channel 10 in japan) he plays a poor student who is very optimistic and a little bit goofy.

I have to admit at first I was expecting the usual misterious character but it's actually quite refreshing to see him in a different type of character for a change.
Whats that? you wish you could watch the episodes of Binbo Danshi but you dont live in japan?
Not to worry, I got your back, you can see the episodes that have already been aired at Veoh.com, some episodes require you to download veoh tv in order to see the entire episode but it is totally worth it, also next time you want to watch doramas on your computer it comes in pretty handy , plus , it's FREE.

To visit the oficial Binbo Danshi website go to http://www.ntv.co.jp/binbou/

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c0rin said...

I LOVE SHUN!!! He was so good in HYD!