After a 13 hour flight on American Airlines I finally arrived at Narita airport.
My fist impression of Japan was one of "Great Service" , my luggage was already waiting for me once I got to the luggage pick up area, all the employees I spoke to on that terminal spoke excellent english so I had no problems asking questions and finding the internet area.

You can get your room , limo bus, a shower, anything you need, all on the same terminal , eventhough I can get the same service at the airport back home except for the shower, in Japan the service is more organized.

I made it to the internet area, it costs 100 yen for 10 minutes worth of internet access, there is a change machine right there, 3 vending machines , a smoking section, I was relieved to be able to check my email and let people know I had arrived safely, after that I bought a limo bus ticket to shinjuku, it costed about 3000 yen and the trip lasts about 1 hour.

I met my boyfriend at the bus station and stayed the night alone at a "Star Hotel", I was surprised when I saw the size of the room, the rooms are really small but, once I settle in I realized Ididnt need any more space, the rooms have everything you need, things like a built in alarm clock, tv, refrigerator, bathroom, internet access, hair dryer, etc, I thought the room was very comfy and had a great night.
The next morning I had Tsukemen with my boyfriend at a nearby restaurant, it was delicious.

We went to Ginza spent the night there and yesterday got on a shinkansen to Yamaguchi to spend a couple of days at his parents house for new years, we have been mooving around a lot since I got here so I havent done much siteseeing yet but yet a lot of little things are very interesting to me, Ill try to post some pics for you guys to see.

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