Universal Studios Japan

We went down to the Universal Studios in Osaka. The day was cloudy and a bit rainy so it was excellent for walking around and not get punished by the sun and also the park was about 50% full so we didn't have to spend too long on lines to ride the attractions.

The park is themed after different states in the U.S.A so all the signs are in English and there are a lot of American flags around and also the music on speakers throughout the park is American Pop Songs so I got confused when the characters in the attractions spoke in Japanese, it took me 3 rides to get used to it.

We saw Wicked and the songs are mixed , some parts are English and some are in Japanese but the show was very good. There are a lot of foreigners working as performers in this park, I saw more foreigners working there than visiting.

Here are some of the pictures I took while watching the "Fantastic World" performance:

The park, like any other park in the world , has high prices for drinks and food but you can exit the park to eat at one of the many restaurants located right outside the park, like 5 minute walking distance, they offer more variety and more reasonably priced menus.

The park also offers a fast pass , that you can buy to avoid having to wait in line, it costs almost as much as the entry fee but it spares you the tedious time wasted on a 55 minute waiting line.

It was a lot of fun to go so if you're visiting Osaka and you have the time, drop by and have some fun

Mata ne!

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