Yes, your eyes are not failing you, that IS kimutaku with the bad hairdo and glasses, it's his look for Fuji Tv's latest dorama named "Change" where he plays the son of a politician who is forced to enter the field against his will in order to replace his father and brother after they tragically die in a plane accident.

Here is the preview for the dorama:

Kimutaku, as always, plays the part perfectly and he has been appearing in many cup of noodle commercials recently , promoting their new eco cup while using the look from his character from the dorama. You can see his commercials on this page: http://www.nissinfoods.co.jp/product/cm/

You can watch the episodes of Change as they are still being loaded at Veoh.com , they have only aired until chapter 3 so far so you will have to check back every week to see the dorama same as us folk in Japan. here is the link for the first episode, remember to download Veoh TV so you can enjoy the full episode : http://www.veoh.com/videos/v12001339HhZYjGwP?searchId=927532497320033128&rank=8

Dont forget to visit the Official Change Website

Mata ne!

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