Sakuran - The movie

Last sunday I got to watch the TV premier of Sakuran the movie.

Sakuran was originally released on January 2007, it is an adaptation of the popular manga version created by Anno Moyoco and it was directed by Mika Ninagawa.

The plot, I'm sorry to say , is the typical story of the little girl that was sold in to slavery to an edo period brothel only to grow up to be the most beautiful Oiran so she could later run away for true love's sake at the end.

ho hum.........

The original manga portrayed Kyoha (the main character) as a foul mouthed strong headed Oiran, but in the movie all that fiestiness and all the effort leads to her running off with the guy that holds her umbrella, and not once is there any trace of Oirans having to have other talents like calligraphy or any artistic skill, it completely centers on sex only.

The story is weak and quite predictable, but........ the graphics were gorgeous, the color saturation and the scene compositions along with the music choice make this movie quite pleasing to watch, it was very well directed, the actors are also an all star cast, there is even a cameo appearance by Oguri Shun as a low rank flower boy.

I personally prefer movies that are based on a good story and don't have so much sugar coating on them but every one has their one preferences, you have to judge for yourself if you like this movie or not.

You can find out more about Sakuran the movie at the official website and you can see the Movie trailer here:

Official Sakuran Website

Mata ne!

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