Osaka Castle Pictures

Here are some pics I took while visiting the Osaka Castle:

Before I got there, I thought the castle was the original structure but...... its actually a reconstruction , the castle has a museum inside complete with elevators, theater room, and showrooms.
You can go up by elevator but you must come down using the stairs since the elevators are mainly there for handicapped people , on the top floor there is a balcony .

This next photo reminded me of the observatory at the empire state building in NY, even though it is not nearly as high you get a good view of the city and the souvenir shop is also on this floor, same as in NY.

Mata ne


Impressão a Leizer said...

pretty nice photos!
My dream is to visit japan some day, specialy akihabara...
nice blog. i´ll be visiting you!


Liftplus said...

Thanks for the post, it looks nice from those photos!