Rain and Rice

In Japan every year has 5 seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring and the Rainy season.

The rainy season has already begun on the southern parts of Japan and it will make its way all the way up to Hokkaido , just like the sakura blossom route , it starts south and ends north, Ive yet to see my first Autumn in japan so I'm wondering if it will start and end the same way, having grown up on a tropical island this season changing thing is fascinating to me.

In Japan, people love to plant veggies, so much so that its very common for people to buy lots of land just to plant , keep in mind that land in japan is very expensive, so if you live in japan, away from the more urban parts of the city you will see a lot of these planting plots.

Right now the majority of people are growing rice , everywhere I go I see rice fields, so I took a walk around my neighborhood and took some shots:
The picture above has a typical Japanese house with the tile roof and hedge fence surrounded by planting fields.
The picture above has a rice planting machine (I have no Idea what they are called) this one is hand operated but Ive seen some of the guys planting using very modern planting vehicles, planting is a very serious thing here, its not a hobby its a lifestyle.
Rice fields, apartments and modern Japanese houses.

Mata ne!


Flug Denpasar said...

It really looks amzazing, these fields with the water that looks dirty, but then there is tasty rice.

McAlpine said...

Great ! These are my kind of photos. Lovely !

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