Jpop top 20 June 2008

This is the monthly ranking results from the Oricon ranking.

1- Don't you ever stop by Kat-Tun.
2- Summer Time by News.
3- Shuchishin by Shuchishin (羞恥心).
4- No More by Koichi Domoto.
5- Niji by Aqua Timez.
6- Beautiful You by Tohoshinki.
7- Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto.
8- Diamond Crevasse by Sheryl nome staring May'n.
9- Burn by B'z.
10- Anataboshi by Milky Way.
11- Aishiteru by Ryu Siwon.
12- Mother by Seamo.
13- Umiyuki by Jero.
14-Namida no iro by C-ute.
15- Ameato by W-inds.
16- Together by Monkey Majik.
17- 60s 70s 80s by Namie Amuro.
18- Giri Giri Hero by Mihimaru GT.
19- Kiss Kiss Kiss by Buono.
20- Kaeritakunatta yo by Ikimono Gakari (song not available at imeem so watch video plz).

Jpop June 2008

Mata ne!


Moca said...

Parabéns .. mto bom !!! so top dos top's !!

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