Mamboo (sunfish)

We went to Shimonoseki Kaikyokan, an aquarium in Yamaguchi prefecture.
We had a great day at the aquarium, saw a lot of different types of Fugu or puffer fish , which is one of the things Yamaguchi prefecture is famous for, you can get really good Puffer fish sushi in Yamaguchi , but I'm getting carried away and straying from my main subject which is the Mamboo or sunfish.

I had never in my life seen a fish like this, at first I thought I was looking in to a failed lab experiment (with all due respect to the mamboo fishes of the world) but seriously, this fish looks like its just a head and tail put together, I kept staring at it for a long time and still didn't get used to the sight of it, so anyways, if you also have never seen a Mamboo (or Sunfish as they are called in the states) here is a little clip for you to see what Im talking about.

Mata ne !


xiaocangshu said...

This is a long-awaited update! And that does look like an unusual fish.

Dominik Anita said...

I know!!!, gomen ne , osokunarimashita.

Lately I have been super busy, I have been helping a japanese friend of mine who is getting married at Heian Jinja, we have been making wedding invitations and all that good stuff, then work was super hectic and on top of that I have been going to tea ceremony classes and japanese lessons, when I get home I have to go in to traditional housewife mode wich means Ill be up cooking and cleaning until 11 pm.

Life in japan is an adventure everyday but adapting to this new life is quite time consuming,I have sooooooooo many things I want to post about but havent had the time to sit down and do a good report, but thank you sooooooooooo much for hanging around and revisiting my humble blog, that cheers me up and makes me want to gambarimasu.

Arigatou ne Xiaochan

xiaocangshu said...

Wow... that is rather busy!

Will definitely continue to follow this blog!

Japanese culture said...

Wow this is an unusual fish. There are so many things I saw when I went ti Tokyo and each has its own identity. The things I saw are totally different than what we usually see around.

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